SEPTA Forward
A Vision for a Stronger Future

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Our Strategic Plan establishes a forward-looking framework that identifies the challenges that are disrupting our industry; sets the vision for where we need to be headed; and identifies the goals and strategies that will get us there. It builds on the feedback we have received from our riders through customer surveys, at public meetings, and in our day-to-day interactions, and was developed by teams comprised of staff from across the organization.

SEPTA Forward marks an important step to establish a clear direction and priorities–but it is only the beginning.

Vision and Goals

We are a region deeply rooted in our past, yet always reinventing ourselves and setting the course for a more thriving future. We are likewise proud of our past at SEPTA but must now adapt our organization and our services to meet the changing needs of our riders, acting with urgency to ensure a resilient, prosperous, and equitable community for everyone.

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Mission and Spirit

To truly know where we are going, we must first understand what we do and who we are as an organization. We take pride in providing an essential service for millions across the Southeastern Pennsylvania region–our mission outlines this purpose while values define our organization’s spirit and culture.

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